Retail Design

Retail Space Design & ReDesign

A Retail Design Consultation 
is the equivalent of having a fashion expert give you advice!
The process of having a professional redesign your existing business environment 
can redefine your brand image, update your look, express your unique style,
and make you relevant to the lives your customer is leading. 

That makes them want to shop in your store and purchase your merchandise.

I design and arrange retail spaces for maximum visual impact and functionality
My goal is always to do so with cost-efficiency and originality based on solid retail science, 
as I assist clients in making choices to reflect their brand ethos. 
Many of my projects have involved 'use what you have' design services.
I design brick and mortar stores, tradeshow booths, and booths at antique/artisan shows.

My Retail Design Services can help you go from this:
Do YOU want results like that? Email me!

I offer design consultations in person and via email - around the world!

I address these issues:
* space use and floorplan layout (fixtures, traffic flow, visual sight lines)
* lighting, music, and air flow/temperature
* your logo, brand visuals, and brand color palette
* window displays, signage, and exterior visual impact
* interior displays - style, placement, and visual impact
your brand presence on the internet and social media

I review your store (in person or via photos) and identify areas for improvement.
Then I give you solutions and ideas for successful changes
AND the cost-effective tools to accomplish those changes.
I can also provide display styling and digital brand design services.

You'll be thrilled with the results, and even happier with my very reasonable fees -
email me to discuss how I can affordably help you with your needs.

Yes, you can have a NEW store.
A refreshed look. A STYLISH brand image.
All without spending a fortune or waiting for months.

Your customers? They'll be applauding... and buying!

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